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Cares will actively seek and welcome dedicated members from the broader Nouns community to engage in campaigns, props, events and related projects.

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The goal is to integrate talented and motivated community members more deeply into the Cares ecosystem.

By leveraging and nurturing their talents, we aim to foster contribution, collaboration, earning opportunities and skill diversification through close work with the Cares team.

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Joining Cares offers a chance to enhance one's knowledge, broaden your network and make meaningful contributions to our collective growth and success.

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The Cares TV Network is your destination for purchasing content and directly supporting our team, treasury, collaborative programs, grants and philanthropic initiatives.

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Holders are granted access to exclusive products, merchandise, Airdrops, mentorship calls and digital events hosted by the Nouns Cares team.

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Cares promotes a cooperative yet stimulating environment where contributions drive personal and community advancement.

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