About Us

Welcome to Cares, where we're ushering in a new era of support and community collaboration.

We envision a world where every individual and brand has a greater impact onchain and we're on a mission to bring that future to life.

Our Approach

At Cares, we're all about demystifying Web3.

Whether you're a brand or project within Nouns or an external collaborator, we provide the education and guidance you need to navigate this dynamic space.

By blending battle-tested business and marketing strategies with the transparency of Web3, we're taking brand development straight into the onchain era.

Our Process

At Cares, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.

We're dedicated to fostering partnerships across diverse fields, believing in the power of transparent communication and shared objectives.

Whether forging connections between Nouns brands and projects or facilitating collaboration with external partners, we're unwavering in our commitment to creating a vibrant ecosystem where all can thrive.

Where Your Support Goes

From builder grants to organizing events and developing rewards for our community and token holders, reinvesting in our community empowers and drives positive change. 

We are committed to allocating 30% of our profits to support initiatives that align

with our mission and benefit our members.

  • Frankie Colamarino

    Frankie Colamarino is a dynamic creative leader with a proven track record in branding, design, and integrated campaigns across major and boutique brands. His experience spans notable collaborations with industry leaders like Nike and Amazon, creative director roles at Karmaloop, and lead designer positions at The Onion. Frankie's skills extend to design, illustration, and mixed-media.

  • Will Wheeler

    Will Wheeler is a seasoned professional with expertise in marketing communications, digital media, and agency management, now excelling as a technology co-founder. His journey includes a decade of business growth, innovation, and resilience. Leading with a collaborative and efficient approach, Will has a proven track record of driving teams to sustainable success, underlining his capacity for transformative leadership in the digital age.

  • Pat Yiu

    Pat Yiu is a strategic leader with a rich background in esports and gaming, now focusing on public goods and attestation infrastructure. His professional gamer experience and entrepreneurial spirit have fueled his current endeavors at Nouns Esports and beyond. Yiu is dedicated to advancing longevity research and exploring new opportunities for entrepreneurs in 2024.

  • Klim - Bigshot + NounWorks

    Klim, at the helm of Bigshot Toyworks, leads a studio that transforms popular characters into premium collectibles and unique marketing assets. Their work is not only recognized in national ad campaigns but also showcased in art galleries worldwide. With over two decades of expertise in character-centric branding and design, Bigshot Toyworks is a trusted name in the industry.

  • Azeem Khan

    Azeem Khan, a noted crypto and decentralized finance figure, cofounded Morph to scale Ethereum. His impactful work at Gitcoin and with UNICEF's Crypto Fund showcases his influence in blockchain philanthropy and finance. A mentor in prestigious blockchain forums, Khan's academic foundation in biology and medical sciences from Boston University complements his blockchain contributions, earning him recognition in Inc Magazine's '35 under 35'.

  • Ahmad Khan

    Ahmad Khan is a versatile product designer and multimedia strategist, specializing in media and web3. His career includes roles in content production, fundraising, and social media, bolstering his expertise in user experience and business strategy. With a history as a Huffington Post contributor and host, Ahmad has also made his mark in the gaming industry and nonprofit media campaigns.

  • Kat Peterson

    Kat Peterson co-founded Re6l, a Toronto-based influencer media firm renowned for its integrity and hustle. With a commitment to a straightforward, efficient influencer marketing strategy, she steers Re6l's collaboration with a spectrum of internet talent, ensuring the firm's vision remains client-centric and progressive.

  • The Hundreds

    Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar, the co-founders of The Hundreds, built a community-focused streetwear brand that celebrates '90s workwear and California's diverse subcultures since 2003. Known for impactful collaborations with names like adidas and Disney, their clothing line and media platform put "People Over Product." The brand's influence stretches from its premier global stockists to its flagship store in Los Angeles' Fairfax District.

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We're committed to championing the Nouns mission by leveraging the DAO's collective talents to spur more active collaboration and create positive outcomes.

Get in touch today to explore how we can proactively support you and your projects.